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It doesn’t matter what the occasion is – Muslims always try to charity. Charity is way for them to show their humbleness and gratitude. In Quran, Muslims are ordered to charity numerous times. Charity a way to prosperity. But sometimes this holy task can become a problematic issue. But MY QURBANI has made it easy for everyone. Let’s discuss more


EID – undoubtedly – is an occasion of happiness and gratitude. But we should remember those who are living hand to mouth. EID SAQDAS are the best way to lead them into the happiness and joys of the EID. And, My QURBANI has just made it easy for everyone. Now, you do not need to go door-to-door and fine an honest needy person. Just leave it to us. We will get your charities to the deserving one. In this way, you can help to elevate the society by just a few clicks.

For the Needy – To the Needy!

We are nothing just a bridge for you to help the poor and the needy. We are making this holy obligation easy for you. The money you pay to help the needy will be given to them in full. We won’t touch the total amount without letting you know. Here’s what we offer:

Charity given to People Living Hand to Mouth.

The exact you pay – goes to the poor.

Minimal and Negligible Fee Charges.

100% Transparent Money Trails

Impressive Customer Support


It isn’t a piece of cake to find distinguish the real needy from the fake. What goodness would it bring you if you spend all of your money to a fake poor. Here comes the role of My QURBANI – we keep a close check of our society. We deliver all of your charities and money to the real poor and needy people. You have our word, that each RS of yours goes in the hand of needy. And, if you ask about commission – it’s like salt in the flour. We charge very minimal amount to deliver this holy service at your door step. So, what are you waiting for?

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