How My QURBANI Online Works?

My QURBANI (the best of its kind) offers a range of services to its respected clients from all over the globe. These services may include:

Online QURBANI Arrangements & Services
Online AQIQA Services
Online EID SADQA Services
Charity & ZAKAT Services

?How We Proceed?

Our mode of working is quite transparent. Once you order us for an online QURBANI – we ask you to choose an animal from our huge library. Moreover, we only display those animals which we actually have. Once you’re done with selection – we sacrifice that animal according to Islamic rules and regulations and deliver its meat to the poor and needy.
Choose whatever Animal You want!

We give a full-hand control to our customers. That is why we have allowed our customers to choose the animal of their choice. We have a huge library of healthy and fit animals to sacrifice. Our customers can choose animals from our library and proceed to the sacrifice.

We Deliver What We Say!

Unlike other online service providers – My QURBANI Online is quite transparent. Our commitment to this job is holy and sacred. We think of it as a sacred duty. Our commitment and devotion to our job has made us pretty famous among our customers. That’s why we get orders from all over the world. Nothing can change the fact that we – as a service provider – never commit anything without customer’s approval and permission.

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Transparency at its BEST!

We are very proud to say that we are unbeatable when it comes to transparency. We attain a complete record of what we are spending from our client’s budget – that is why our customers trust us blindly. From the time you place any order – you will be provided with every info of what we’re doing with your money. We try our best to spend this money in Allah’s (The Almighty) way

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