Augment Your Child’s Holy Aqiqa Ceremony with My QURABNI Online Aqiqa Services

Who doesn’t want his/her child’s holy Aqiqa ceremony to be peaceful and sacred? As we know – Aqiqa is shaving the newborn’s head on the 7th day after birth. Aqiqa is also termed as “Holy Naming Ceremony” in the sacred Muslim culture. During this ceremony – parents pay their gratitude and thank Allah (The Almighty) for His blessings. Once the head is shaved, the shaved heir is weighed. Later on, the same weight in silver or gold is given as charity to help the poor and needy.

It is also a custom to slaughter animals on this holy day. But wouldn’t it be too hasty for you to manage all this stuff on your baby’s special occasion? Worry no more! My QURBANI is here to make this day more special for you. Now, you can quickly get Online Aqiqa Services exclusively from My QURBANI. So, What are you waiting for?

AQIQA is now One Click Away!

In this technological era, My QURBANI has shortened the efforts required to manage the holy ceremony of Aqiqa. Now, Aqiqa is just one click away. You do not need to worry about the animals & You do not need to worry about the charity. My QURBANI sorts it all for you. Leave all the hustles to us, and spend a memorable and blessed time with your family on this sacred occasion. We are consistently looking for excellent and healthy animals for our respected customers, and we deliver its meat to the people living hand to mouth.

Why is it always better to choose My QURBANI Online?

Firstly, visiting animal markets and selecting a healthy animal at a reasonable price could be problematic. Here comes the pivotal role of My QURBANI. On this sacred and holy day of your child, you should be spending your time with your family and that little newborn angel. Here’s why you should choose My QURBANI Online:

Eradicates the hustles of this ceremony.

Finds suitable and healthy animals to sacrifice.

Charity the meat & money to the people living hand to mouth.

All services are budget-friendly and economically reasonable.

You get to choose what you want to sacrifice.

What are you waiting for? Click Here Now and get the blessings of the holy Aqiqa day Right Now.

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